Family Services

Holtville Even Start Family Literacy Program
Located at Finley Elementary School
(760) 356-2974

Selenia Herrera, Director

Michelle Padilla, Program Secretary

Amalia Gil, Home Liaison/Tutor
Aurora Santana, Home Visitor/Tutor
Amalia Gil, Home Visitor/Tutor

Holtville Unified School District Even Start Literacy Program integrates early childhood education, adult basic education, and parent education into a unified family literacy program. This program improvise the self-sufficiency of families by enabling adults to increase their knowledge of their children’s development and literacy learning which strengthens parents to be their children’s first teachers.
In adult education parents:
In Early Childhood Education children:
In Parent Education parents:

  • Receive individualized instruction
  • Set personal and family goals
  • Read with understanding
  • Learn computer skills
  • Learn how to access community resources
  • Parents take ESL, GED, and High School Diploma, Citizenships, Family Literacy, vocational education and Imperial Valley College Courses.
  • Develop literacy skills while learning the power and pleasure of literacy
  • Enhance social/emotional growth and development
  • Prepare for Kindergarten entry
  • Participate in home visits and fieldtrips

We offer pre-school education and parent as teacher’s home visitations. Every Wednesday. Even Start K-3rd grade participants attend tutoring sessions from 1:30-3:30 p.m. in room 7.

  • Parents are a part of their child ’s school experience and seek to improve their children’s intellectual, social-emotional, motor skills and literacy achievement.
  • Enhance their parenting skills and participate in fieldtrips.
  • Discover how to turn their home into a learning environment for the whole family.
  • Use all tangible ideas, activities and strategies to be their child’s first teacher.

We offer parent education sessions every Friday 8-12 noon in room P-8 and special evening sessions.

Every month, parents of Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students participate in group session meetings.

Every week parents and their infant(s)/toddler (s) participate in instruction sessions.