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Welcome to the Holtville Unified School District Food Service page! We are in the process of developing our department site in orderto provide information to you on our mission, our wellness policy (seebelow), food menus, and also provide an avenue for feedback from ourstudents.

We ask that you please take a fewminutes to browse our site, and also to provide us with feedback in thenewly created student survey below (please complete one survey perstudent). Thank you!
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The HUSD Child Nutrition team is committed to providing your children with an appetizing, nutritious lunch on a daily basis. HUSD participates in the National School Lunch Program. HUSD has chosen Food Base Menu Planning as a menu option. USDA has strict guidelines for calories, fat and nutrient content.

Special Dietary Needs?
Please contact the school nurse, cafeteria employee or the central kitchen at (760) 356-4266, with any menu questions and/or for guidance.

A Doctor's Note (indicating that "your child cannot drink milk") is needed if desiring juice as a replacement beverage. Please give this note and your request to a cafeteria employee.

Good for Kids: Good for Parents
For parents with busy morning schedules, it's sometimes difficult to ensure that kids are eating a healthy breakfast before they head off to school.

Children often aren't ready to eat right after waking up, and it can be challenging to find nutritious breakfast food they like. Some kids refuse breakfast at home and discover that they're hungry when they arrive at school. The School Breakfast Program provides a great option for parents.

As you may know, a great breakfast is offered for all students at participating schools. Studies have proven that kids who eat breakfast achieve higher academic scores, are more alert in class, visit the school nurse less often, and are better behaved in school.

If morning meals are difficult for your family, let the School Breakfast Program help you out!

An assortment of cereal is available daily, check the breakfast menu (#2) for hot menu days

* Our cereal is 1/3 less sugar

The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

School Nutrition Resources

Food Services Director:
Lucy Chabolla
760-356-4266 ext. 7217

Food Services Manager:
Jennifer Jackson
Finley Elementary School

Food Services Manager:
Mary Burnworth
Holtville High School
(760) 356-4714

Files and Resources:
Contact Food Services

Finley Elementary School
627 E. Sixth Street
Holtville, Ca. 92250